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Jan Masterson

Jan Masterson, Director Communications has a BA in English. She has edited books on faith and science, travel adventures, homilies and faith and culture as well as numerous articles, reports and newsletters covering a variety of topics. Jan has written three on-going columns, essays, white papers, reference, employee and community manuals, subdivision by-laws and marketing collateral. She has interviewed prominent people and the man and woman on the street for profile and feature stories. She also has extensive experience in finance, particularly planning and budgeting for marketing campaigns, capital expenditures and personnel requirements.


Jan is currently the Features Editor, reporter and writer for the Eagle Vista, a community newsletter with a readership of 1000+. She created the format for and is the editor of the Contemplative Network News & Views. She reviews and approves the copy on the organization’s web site. She composes the marketing material used by the organization. 


Jan taught CCE classes and facilitated adult Sunday school discussions. As a result of being raised in an ecumenical family, she embarked on a quest to study faith traditions and Eastern philosophies. After several years, she realized this project is a life-long lesson. Jan is a beginner in the practice of Centering Prayer and admits it is a challenge to quiet her busy mind. She promised herself she would keep trying. You can contact Jan at

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