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Deborah Klesel, RN, PhD., MSN

Deborah Klesel, RN, PhD., MSN is trained in critical care as a nurse practitioner. She held nursing leadership positions in acute care settings in the public and private sectors. Her nursing education experiences include the disciplines of pathophysiology and pharmacology, medical surgical and intensive care, behavioral health and emotional intelligence, leadership and research, and end of life care using transitioning presence. She volunteered in research funded by the Stanzel foundation tracking children, age 6 to 16, in rural areas of Texas to predict diabetes.


Klesel’s research is in breast cancer survivorship length determined spiritual resources to be key to longevity post diagnosis and treatment. Contemporary research interests are nurse as presence of God during bedside care where the art of intentional prayer meets the science of healing.


Director of the Accelerated Bachelors of Science program with the University of St. Thomas Peavy School Of Nursing.


Affiliated with the NOEP (Nurse Oncology Education Program) training program at MD Anderson for two years.

Serves on the advisory board for the Live Oak Museum in Columbus, Texas.

Participates in the Missions Formation for the University of St. Thomas.

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