Welcoming Prayer

Welcoming PrayerThe Welcoming Prayer addresses the question, when the Centering time is over, what is my next step?  The Welcoming Prayer is a method of extending the consent and letting go, which one practices during prayer time, to one’s daily life.


The Practice of

(Welcoming Prayer)

The Contemplative Practice of Letting Go in the Ordinary Routines of Daily Life

Programs:  Control, Esteem, Security
Energy:  Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts, Body Sensations, Commentaries

STEP ONE:  Focus and Sink into the energy (feeling, emotion, thought, body sensation, commentary)

STEP TWO:  “WELCOME” the energy – A sacred symbol of consent and intention to surrender to the Holy Spirit

STEP THREE (recite):  “I let go of my desire for CONTROL”
“I let go of my desire for ESTEEM/AFFECTION”
“I let go of my desire for SECURITY”
“I let go of my desire to CHANGE the situation (i.e., to Change the feeling, thought, emotion, body sensation, commentary or event)”


Additional resources for the Welcoming Prayer are available on the Contemplative Outreach national site, both here and here.  You may also consult the book Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening, by Cynthia Bourgeault – Chapter 13.  It can be purchased from the Contemplative Outreach bookstore or from Amazon.

A spiritual director at the Houston Cenacle is also available to teach the Welcoming Prayer to individuals.

For more information, please contact Carole Pentony at carolpen@wt.net or 713-729-6019.

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