Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshops

Introductory Workshops are open to everyone.  Their purpose is to teach Centering Prayer and related practices to beginners.  They can be scheduled to suit the needs of the venue, but generally last three hours or less as needed.  They are either stand-alone presentations, or part of another venue such as a retreat.  They are generally taught by commissioned presenters.  The three-hour Centering Prayer workshops include the history, psychology, theology, and prayer sessions.

Introduction to Centering Prayer video


Contemplative Network offers workshops to introduce Fr. Thomas Keating’s method of Centering Prayer.   Please see the Upcoming Events page for more information.

In addition to ongoing Centering Prayer workshops, we have presentations given at irregular intervals and special occasions, as well as other events related to workshops, located at our Upcoming Events page.

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  • Introductory Workshop - Jan 21st