Centering Prayer

 Contemplative Prayer

We may think of prayer as thoughts or feelings expressed in words. But this is only one expression.  In the Christian tradition Contemplative Prayer is considered to be the pure gift of God.  It is the opening of mind and heart — our whole being — to God, the Ultimate Mystery, beyond thoughts, words, and emotions.  Through grace we open our awareness to God whom we know by faith is within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than choosing — closer than consciousness itself.

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a method designed to facilitate the development of Contemplative Prayer by preparing our faculties to receive this gift.  It is an attempt to present the teaching of earlier times in an updated form.  Centering Prayer is not meant to replace other kinds of prayer; rather, it casts a new light and depth of meaning on them.  It is at the same time a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.  This method of prayer is a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion with Him.

Excerpts from “The Method of Centering Prayer: The Prayer of Consent” by Thomas Keating
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A Brief Introduction to Centering Prayer (.pdf file)

Centering Prayer video

Comments by a Trappist hermit monk


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