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These thoughts emerging out of the silence and solitude of the eremitical life of a hermit were not specifically written as reviews, but are part of the personal correspondence of a 77-year-old Catholic priest-hermit friend of Contemplative Network.

Our hermit friend began his contemplative God-search 57 years ago with the Trappists at the Abbey of Gethsemani, where Thomas Merton was his novice master.  After six years and his simple vows completed at the Abbey, he sought more solitude living as a Camaldolese hermit, where he was ordained and then independently with a Bishop under the Code of Canon Law #603.

In sharing these thoughts on contemplation via his personal letter, he was inspired by Thomas Merton and his echo, James Finley.  He wishes to remain anonymous in order to preserve his God-given eremitical calling to solitude and the hermit’s urgent need to open his awareness to the intimate love affair our abiding God is initiating within our innermost being from moment to moment.

                                                                        Comments by a Trappist hermit monk friend

Our hermit friend was drawn to the James Finley DVD because he considers him an authentic experiential echo of Merton, and the DVD to be a blessing for the human family.

Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate
by James Finley, et al.

Convergence of Science and Religion
by Robert Hesse


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