Pentony, Carole, Ph.D.

Carole PentonyCarole Pentony, Ph.D.

Carole Pentony has been practicing Centering Prayer since 1991.  She represents the Christian Carmelite/ Cistercian traditions on the board of Contemplative Network.  Carole has a special interest in BioSpiritual Focusing and in the Welcoming Prayer, both methods endorsed by Father Keating for extending the consent practiced in Centering Prayer to daily life.  She is a certified Focusing teacher and a clinical psychologist in private practice.

Carole’s Centering Prayer teacher was Fred Eckart, founding coordinator of the Houston chapter of Contemplative Outreach.  Carole’s service in the chapter has included facilitating prayer groups and resource meetings, coordinating web site information, and acting as the chapter’s contact person.


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