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John "Kim" Kimball Kehoe, M.Div., D.B.A.

John Kimball (Kim) Kehoe teaches leadership and organization at the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University.  With Bob Hesse he served as co-Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach, Houston and started Contemplative Network (CN).  He has done centering prayer since 1990 and it has enabled him to tone down much of his Type A behavior.  To the position of Chair of the CN board, he brings a spiritual perspective as a former Jesuit priest with an appreciation for both Ignatian and Trappist spiritualities.  He regularly conducts resource groups for centering prayer at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, at his parish and at Angela House, which supports women making the transition from prison to society.  All of this has deepened his conviction about the value of Centering Prayer in a noisy, hectic world.

After earning a Doctorate in Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, Mr. Kehoe did a variety of human resource assignments at Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company.  During his work at Lilly, he became focused on the study of leaders and their impact on organizations.  Subsequently he became the Director for Executive Development at the Sisters of Charity Healthcare System.  Later he directed the executive education programs, first at Rice University and later at Duke.  He moved on to Center for Creative Leadership where he developed and delivered programs for client organizations.  After several years as an independent consultant he returned to Rice where he has taught since 2002.  He is married with two daughters, one a lawyer in Houston and the other in the advertising business in Dallas.  His wife teaches American History at Houston Community College.  He enjoys cooking on weekends and reading books on various topics.

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