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Gena Davis, M.B.A., M.Div.

Gena Davis is about holistic healing and wholeness through many modalities and especially walking in the Christ light that is available to us all. 


I am an ordained Episcopal priest, author, a certified yoga educator in Nosara Yoga, Pralaya Yoga, and Amrit Yoga Nidra, a spiritual guide, and founder of YogaMass®.  Until August 2017, I served as the Priest for a mission congregation in central southwest Houston, Texas, Grace Episcopal Church.  My calling expanded to lead YogaMass into the wider community and to share the message of awakening to and embodying Christ Consciousness.

Attention to my spiritual path led me to become a commissioned spiritual director and a Benedictine Oblate with the World Community for Christian Meditation, which means I have taken the Benedictine monastic vows of stability, ongoing conversion, and obedience.  My way of life is a balance between contemplation and movement, thinking and feeling, and doing and being.  My meditation practice of over 20 years has led me to share the gift of awakening into higher consciousness – the Christ Consciousness–and I love facilitating  meditation groups and leading retreats for embodied spiritual practices, yoga, contemplative practices, meditation, and YogaMass.

Prior to being ordained in The Episcopal Church as a priest, I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston, enjoying a career for over 20 years in human resources.  After saying yes to the call to ordained ministry, I earned a master’s degree in Divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, and was ordained to the priesthood in 2010.

Going deeper in yoga and meditation practices has been a deep call for me.  I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica with Don and Amba Stapleton and completed an additional 300-hour certification in the Pralaya Yoga system with Robert Boustany in Houston.  I am also Advanced Certified as an Amrit Yoga Nidra Facilitator, trained under Kamini Desai and John Vosler.  Yoga Nidra is an ancient, guided, sleep-based meditation that is powerfully transformative. This is a healing modality I wish to share with everyone – classes, workshops, privates – contact me at  I offer Skype sessions and a podcast with Yoga Nidra offerings:  “Path to Wholeness by Gena Davis.”

When I’m on my mat and connecting deeply with my breath and the energy moving within me, and to the quiet presence of God within and around me, I touch the essence of all of life. The same happens for me when celebrating the Eucharist – the deepest of joys.  I am here to help everyone find that deep place of inner joy and peace.

I enjoy my quiet time with my husband Gary and my two tuxedo cats, Leonard and Liza.  In addition to reading and writing, my newest creative outlet is playing alchemy crystal bowls and exploring the benefits of sound healing, which I share in YogaMass and Yoga Nidra events for profoundly deep healing on many levels.

Gary and I have three grown sons, two beautiful daughter-in-laws, and two beautiful granddaughters.  Life is good and blissful!  Thanks be to God!  Om! Aum! Amen!

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