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John K. Graham, M.D., Ph.D., MSc.

Dr. John K. Graham is a physician and Episcopal priest. He received his M.D. Degree from Tulane Medical School in New Orleans. He is board-certified in two medical specialties: otolaryngology and plastic and reconstructive surgery. For twenty years, Graham was in the private practice in Shreveport, LA, where he founded the Plastic Surgery Center. 

Dr. Graham received national media exposure in 1977 when he used his microsurgery training to successfully replant the amputated arm of a four-year-old boy. An article appeared in Guideposts magazine and on national television programs.  

In 1990, Graham left the practice of medicine to respond to God's call to the priesthood. He attended Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. He received his Master of Divinity degree from the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas. In 2001, Graham received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois.

Following his ordination to the priesthood, Graham served at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Austin, Trinity Episcopal Church in Houston, and for twelve years as Senior Associate Rector at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston.

After retiring from active ministry in November 2009, Graham completed a two-year Fellowship in Psychotherapy. He served as a counselor and Spiritual Director for the staff of InterFace Samaritan Counseling Center in Houston.

In March 2010, Graham was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Spirituality and Health (ISH) at the Texas Medical Center. His passion is to see the integration of spirituality and medicine, which he believes can bring optimum health to people. 

Graham recently received his Master's degree in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University and has completed the required courses for a Ph.D. in Mind-body Medicine with a specialization in Psychophysiology. He is now completing his dissertation.

Dr. Graham is the author of two books, Mold Me and Shape Me, and most recently, Graham Crackers and Milk: Food for the Heart and Soul. He and his wife, Pat, have five grown children and at last count, nineteen grandchildren. Contact Graham at

Graham’s Philosophy:


What we believe (thoughts) affect how we feel (emotions) and this in turn affects us physically (body), which depending on what we believe can effect either positively or negatively our health and healing. In other words, if a person believes God loves them and has a plan that gives meaning and purpose to their life, the systems of the body are programmed for optimal health and healing. Conversely, when a person’s life has little or no meaning, the opposite happens and the systems of the body become dysfunctional and physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual illness soon come knocking at the door.

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