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Lanson Jones

Lanson Jones has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Texas A&M University. He was a member of the Alpha Sigma National Political honor society. However, he believes his extensive study of philosophy during his college years has had a greater impact on and in his life.


Right out of college, Jones started a mobile app development company with two other people; the technology was sold within two years. He worked in energy-related direct sales before starting and selling two companies focused on renewable energy sources. His current company, Everlast Energy and Holdings, specializes in procurement services for residential customers, renewable community solar development and innovative products. He has an entrepreneur’s vision and passion: he sees a need and finds a way to fill it.

Jones has always been a Christian; both of his parents were Sunday school teachers and their example had a huge impact during his formative years. When Jones was in high school, he was involved in a horrific automobile accident. He experienced a near death experience (NDE). In an instant, his life flashed before his eyes. This review of a typical teenager’s behavior made him reexamine his choices; he realized God had a bigger plan and purpose for him. He knew God called him to change his life and find a way to help others.

Shortly after his NDE, Jones spoke to evangelist, Ken Freeman, who helped him redirect his life to Christ. During late night hours, he wrote about his NDE. He ultimately shared those writings with his high school peers. The radical change people saw in him was the catalyst for opportunities to speak to various high school youth groups. He volunteered at several church-sponsored vacation bible school summer camps.

Fast forward 20+ years. Jones felt called to fast and meditate. Even though he prayed in the traditional way, the fasting and meditation profoundly changed the way he prayed. Jones was thanking God for things he believed He would grant him because he would use them for God’s glory. These practices led Jones to learn new prayer techniques, breathing methods, visualization practices and spiritual affirmations. He discovered the power of Georgian Chants and the Solfeggio frequencies, which he added to his daily mediation.


Over the last six months, Jones has experienced a profound spiritual awakening using contemplative and centering prayer methods, which has deeply changed his life. These prayer methods have led him to experience God's love on a level he didn't know was possible. He wants to help others experience it. When he read about the mission of Contemplative Network, Jones felt Divinely called to help the organization grow.

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