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Image by Greg Rakozy

Convergence of Science and Religion


Life itself is a huge mystery [Bob Hesse] of God happening in all it’s paradoxical and seemingly ridiculous events, both weal and woe [both good and bad].  Bob Hesse weds science and religion.  I prefer to laugh knowing that everything happening is God happening and ultimately for our own good.  Surrendering to everything from God is what Nussbaum calls humility, because we (ego) are not in control.  Our ego (idea of self) still makes itself our “god” even when we know we (ego) are our own worst enemy.  Our mind itself of its nature is good, but also divisive, and separates everything that, in reality (in God), is “One”.

Bob Hesse is a real gift to the Houston community.  He has a giant mind but, more importantly, a gentle conciliatory inner spirit that brings people into unity — or rather, the awareness of the unity we already share with God and others.  Awareness seems to be the same thing as “Awe” for Bob.  If he has the Cardinal’s ear in Houston, perhaps his contemplative penchant has the chance of reaching Vatican ears?  At the moment, I doubt it!  We are all limited to see Reality as we are, not as it (God) is.  The Vatican doesn’t seem to be at the contemplative stage as yet!  That makes it more imperative that we put it into our own lives.  The Church(es) sure need to revitalize the contemplative dimension in the human family.  Contemplation is nothing but living out the 1st Commandment to the full.  We most efficaciously share the valueableness of contemplation by becoming contemplatives ourselves.

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