Contemplative Groups

Resource Meetings are held almost every Saturday on the same Saturday of each month in the same location generally from 9-12 noon.  Different Saturdays of the month are held in different geographical areas of Houston.  They are community led and consist of 30 min. DVD features of Thomas Keating presentations drawn from over 30 hours of his work.

Discussions and fellowship are held around the DVD and there are two 20 minute prayer sessions.  Everyone regardless of faith is welcome.  View Centering Prayer Resource Meetings on the Ongoing Resource Meetings page.

Prayer Groups:   While Centering Prayer is done privately most of the time, a weekly sharing of the experience in a small group (up to fifteen) has proven to be very supportive for those who are drawn to this format.  The weekly meeting also serves as a means of continuing education and of accountability.  Just knowing that one’s group is meeting together each week is an enormous encouragement to keep going, or an invitation to return to, the practice of centering prayer if circumstances such as illness, business, family problems, or urgent duties have prevented one from carrying out one’s commitment to daily practice for a time.

By sharing the experience of centering prayer with others, one’s own discernment of the ups and downs of the practice is sharpened.  The group serves as a source of encouragement and can normally solve problems that might arise regarding the method.  The collective discernment of the group tends to be well balanced. (Adapted from Open Mind, Open Heart, 20th Anniversary Edition, p. 173) .  A 2010 list of Houston Area Centering Prayer Groups can be found on our Ongoing Prayer Group page.

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