Contemplative Network Ministries are the ways in which we put contemplation into the hands of those who often need it most: Contemplative Ministries

  • Hospital Ministry:  Doctors, nurses, and patients in the M.D. Anderson "Place of Wellness;"
  • Prison Ministry:  Those in prison at the Texas Dept. of Corrections Ellis Unit in Huntsville; 
  • Women's Residence Ministry:  Women in the Angela House who are transitioning back into society from prison;
  • 12 Step Ministry:  Addicts in the 12 step program at the Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center;
  • Judeo-Christian Ministry:  Supporting Judeo-Christian contemplative prayer.

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  • Interfaith Dialogue
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    Interfaith Dialogue video
    Interfaith Dialogue video relating to Contemplative Prayer and Contemplation
    Judeo-Christian Contemplative Video
    Judeo-Christian Contemplative Video
    Interfaith Dialogue
    A report on an experience of on-going inter-religious dialogue might be helpful at this point. In 1984, I invited a group of spiritual teachers from a variety of the world religions Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic, Native American, Russian Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholi...
    Women's Residence Ministry
    Contemplative Network Women's Residence Ministry
    Twelve Step Ministry
    Contemplative Network Twelve Step Ministry
    Prison Ministry
    Contemplative Network Prison Ministry reaches out to those who need it most in our prisons. Acceptance and true healing comes only through Oneness with G-d.
    Judeo-Christian Ministry
    Contemplative Network Judeo-Christian Ministry
    Hospital Ministry
    Contemplative Network Hospital Ministry
    Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 articles) Result Pages:  1