Contemplative Quotations - 2nd Millennium

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c. A.D.    
1310 “journey leads…into the quiet desert into which distinction never gazed, not …Father…Son…or Spirit”
Meister Eckhart
1350 “A one syllable word such as ‘God’ or ‘love’ is best….I assure you these thoughts will vanish”
The Cloud of Unknowing
1560 “Remember…the Lord is within us and that we should be there with Him”
Teresa of Avila
1590 “[Christ] carried her … in rapture and ecstasy…. the soul must … abandon the body.”
John of the Cross
1590 “As often as distinct ideas...occur…without resting in them return to God”
John of the Cross
1900 “self-knowledge brings freedom, it is the necessary starting point for healing our past hurts.”
S. Freud
1961 “. . . our contemplation of Him [God] is a participation in His contemplation of Himself.”
Thomas Merton
1986 “. . . the sacred word is a way of letting go of all thoughts.”
Thomas Keating

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